mercoledì 27 novembre 2013

Schysma - Imperfect Dichotomy (ENGLISH)

It was 1054 A.D. when the East–West Schism between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church occurred. Several centuries after (958 years, exactly) a group of Italian friends coming from Lombardy, gave life to another “schism”, but this time it was about music. This might sound like nonsense because 2012 did see the official fusion of the band, but “the split” remained inside, as its members came from different music realities and still keep different styles and influences.

Looking at the cover artwork of “Schysma” debut EP called “Imperfect Dichotomy” we can feel the constant schism that characterises each aspect of human life, first of all the eternal split between “good” and “evil”.

A glass ampule holds a red rosebud inside that seems turning into a drop of blood. The “protective shell” that is family has therefore failed its intent, because the beauty of a new life always crashes with the roughness of reality. The freshness of youth is infected by the rotten world of adults, who are far too corrupted. The sweet scent of projects, of dreams is suffocated by hypocrisy that often gains the upper hand, because it is imposed by our instinctive life-and-death struggle.

These are only few of the reasons why the rose’s petals bleed and the ampule turns into a big tear that embraces the drop of blood. Also in this case the dualism is not missing because no matter which the nature of a tear is, it always holds blood inside.
In a tear of joy “blood” corresponds to the efforts, the privations and the hard decisions that made a person achieving his/her goal. On the other hand, a tear of pain holds “blood” inside because sufferings (although our brain elaborates them) run through our heart, that pours out its sorrow by spotting tears with red.

Schysma chose an essential picture for the artwork, in fact it has few colours (red, white and black) and it might not be of easy intuition, but it whispers the following consideration: life is a flower that must always smell of love power, even when it risks to wither under a rain of pain.

by ^°^ ViVa Kudlak ^°^